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Last year I made myself a travel laundry bag and it’;s now one of my favorite travel necessities. I recently made one for a friend with slightly different measurements. After I made it I realized the bag is a simple fat quarter proje...

Last year I made myself a travel laundry bag and it’;s now one of my favorite travel necessities. I recently made one for a friend with slightly different measurements. After I made it I realized the bag is a simple fat quarter project, and I’;m always looking for fun things to sew with fat quarters!

Today, I thought I’;d share with you how to make a laundry bag using only fat quarters of fabric!

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I have a friend who’;s a huge Disney fan. She visits several times a year and in particular loves the runDisney races. I was brainstorming a gift to make her for her birthday last year and thought that a Disney laundry bag might be kinda fun.

Last January she was able to run another Disney race and texted me photos of the bag in her hotel room, ready to fill up with laundry!

I mentioned beforepersonalized toys, that I have a similar bag that I love to use for laundry when I travel. I shared a tutorial for that bag HERE.

When I went to make the one for my friend, I only had Fat Quarters of Disney fabric.

I went back to my original tutorial (which included measurements for several sizes of drawstring bags) and realized that I didn’;t have a measurement that was suited for Fat Quarters.

A fat quarter of fabric: Is a pre-cut piece of fabric that measures 18″; x 22″;. It is called a fat quarter because it is a 1/4 yard of fabric that is cut to yield a larger piece of fabric. It is a piece of fabric, commonly used in quilting. Fat Quarters are usually sold in a package with several fat quarters of fabric in different yet coordinating prints.

Today I thought I’;d show you guys how to make one of these bags using ONLY fat quarters of fabric (and some ribbon for a drawstring).

Before I share the tutorial, here’;s the chart again, if you’;d like to make a laundry bag in a different size. Note: today’;s bag measurement is not included in the chart.

The word “;LAUNDRY”; was added to the bag using an iron on that I created using my Cricut Machine. To make the iron on I just chose a font in Cricut Design space that I liked, and cut it out from Red Iron ON Vinyl. I then used my EasyPress to adhere the word to the bag. If you want more detailed directions to do this, you can check out THIS TUTORIAL.

The fabric on my bag is from a Fat Quarter of Disney Fabric that I purchased from Fat Quarter Shop.

2 Fat Quarters of Fabric For Outside of Bag

2 Fat Quarters of Fabric For Bag Lining

1 Fat Quarter of Fabric For Casing

2 yards 1/4″; Ribbon for Drawstring

Cut the 2 fat quarters of fabric for the outside of the bag and the 2 fat quarters for the bag lining to 17″; x 20″;.

Cut from the casing fabric, 2 pieces each 3″; x 17″;

On the bottom of each of the Bag Outside and Bag Lining pieces, cut a 1.5″; x 1.5″; square from the two bottom corners.

All seam allowances are 1/2″;

Begin by pressing the short ends of one of your bag casing pieces in 1/2″ on each edge. I recommend using a seam gauge for this step.

Next, fold the piece in half lengthwise and press. Repeat for other bag?casing piece.

Pin the bag casing to the bag outside piece along the top edge. The raw edges of the bag front and folded casing piece will be flush and the casing should be centered in the bag outside piece. Stitch in place.

Place the 2 bag outside pieces together, right sides facing. Stitch along the two sides and the bottom of the bag.

Do not stitch inside the square you cut out on the bottom of the bag.

Press seams open. As you stitch the side seams take care that you do not catch the casing pieces in the side seams.

Pinch the bottom corner of the bag so that the side and bottom seams are on top of each other and the raw edges of the cut out square are even. Stitch in place. Repeat for other bag corner.

Repeat for the bag lining pieces (you do not attach a casing to those pieces).

Turn the bag outside piece right side out. Slip it into the bag lining piece (which is wrong side out) the right sides of the fabrics should be facing. Match side seams and centers.

Stitch around the perimeter of the bag, leaving a 4″ opening. I like to sew 2″; from the center on one side of the bag around the bag and stop 2″; from the center of the bag on the other side.

Turn the bag right side out through the opening.

Press well. Topstitch around?the top of the bag (on the bag, not the casing) making sure to catch the opening in the bag as you sew.

Cut two pieces of ribbon 42″; long each.

Feed one piece through the casing of the bag and knot on the other side. Feed the other ribbon through the bag starting on the opposite?side of the bag. Knot the ends.

Pull up on the drawstrings and you’;re ready to use your laundry bag!

If you’;re new to sewing be sure to check out our post with 50 Sewing Projects perfect for Beginners!

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