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Today’;s contributor is Tara from Suburble. All posts written by Tara for Make It &; Love It can be found HERE. . . . . . accent pillow case baby boudoir Hi everyone, it’;s Tara from Suburble! So, those who know me ar...

Today’;s contributor is Tara from Suburble. All posts written by Tara for Make It &; Love It can be found HERE.

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accent pillow case baby boudoir

Hi everyone, it’;s Tara from Suburble! So, those who know me are already pretty aware of my love for all-things-golden.?If I can glitz it up, I will. It’;s a condition, really.

Now that spring is peeking out around the corner –; says all of the reputable groundhogs –; I’;m ready to start thinking about flowers and gardens and dirty fingernails and all of the other wonderful things that come along with springtime.

These terracotta pots were staring at me from a high-up shelf when I thoughtpersonalized toys, “;Well, those could use a bit of fancying up.”;

And so I did just that.

And after admiring this quick and easy glam-makeover for these dollar-store pots, I thought about their gifting potential.

Give a pot planted with a succulent or a primula as a teacher’;s gift, or a hostess gift. Or perhaps just a little way to say thank you to a friend or a neighbor?

To quickly and easily add a bit of gold to your flower pots, you will need:

If you don’;t have a die cutting machine, you can just as easily trace or free-hand your shapes. I will tell you though, having a Big Shot has changed so many of my crafts. If you’;re looking for something to treat yourself to this Valentine’;s Day (or really, any day), consider a die cutting machine.

For this project, I used these two Bigz dies –; an array of hearts and stars.

I used the heart die to cut out this little beauty from double-sided adhesive. I peeled off one side and stuck it onto the pot.

Then I carefully removed the top layer to expose the adhesive.

I placed the pot over a lined cookie sheet –; my glitter catcher –; and let the six year old in my heart get to work.

Once you’;ve accepted that you will have glitter on your cheeks for at least a week, it’;s not all that bad to work with.

For my second flower pot, I decided to cut out a bunch of stars from this fabulous shiny gold vinyl. The collection of them instantly reminded me of grade school. Does it give you that flashback too?

I stuck them all over the pot wherever I felt they needed to be.

In no time at all, my previously bland pots had now gained some personality. They were ready to strut their stuff.

I love how the gold catches the light. Especially since we’;re coming off a particularly grey winter –; although I’;m a West Coast girl; I should be accustomed to grey skies –; I am hankering for anything that brightens up a space.

Take a look at your own flower pot collection and see if there isn’;t one that could use a little bit of the Midas Touch.

Everything is better?with a bit of a glitter sprinkled on it.


. . . . .

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