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The hardware store can be a DIY one-stop-shop for unexpectedly beautiful home décor projects. Materials like rope, acrylic glass, tile, and even plumbing hardware can be used to create unique and beautiful home décor items. Plus,...

The hardware store can be a DIY one-stop-shop for unexpectedly beautiful home décor projects. Materials like rope, acrylic glass, tile, and even plumbing hardware can be used to create unique and beautiful home décor items. Plus, for a fraction of the craft-store cost, finishing touches like decorative nail heads, river stones, and chain sold by the yard abound. We dedicated a whole chapter of our bookpersonalized toys, Pretty Prudent Home, to hardware store decorating. Find our 10 Best Hardware Store Décor Finds after the jump…;

1. Pipe fittings Pipe fittings of various colors, shapes, and sizes are good for about ten million things. They make perfect candleholders. or, with proper planning, you can build the arms of our famous DIY Pallet Daybed with them. Or you can make a pipe fitting curtain rod (detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions on page 71 of Pretty Prudent Home. 2. Chain LinksChain links make for cool industrial accents. We used them to make these curtain tie-backs (one of our round up of easy tie-bac ideas in Pretty Prudent Home) but they have about a million and one uses. 3. Parachute CordParacord is sturdy enough to dive out of a plane with, so you can rely on it for some home decor projects. It can also be found in about a million different color, and used like yarn. We made this Granny Square Crochet rug out of it. This is basically crocheting a giant granny square, the actual pattern and step-by-step DIY instructions can be found on page 88 of Pretty Prudent Home. 4. Rope, rope, rope There are so many things you can do with a big old roll of rope! Our favorite is this $10 amazon luggage stand turned into a decor item (from page 76 of Pretty Prudent Home) We also think that making a nautical rope rug, as we show you how to do on page 87 of Pretty Prudent Home, is an efficient way to make a traditionally expensive item (a rug) on the cheap. This one is in my house. Those are also my boots. I love those boots. 5. TwineTwine just comes in handy. You can roast a turkey with it, or wrap a gift, or basically give anything a rustic feel. Our favorite twine projects are floral, like these Crepe Paper Flower Corsages These DIY Woven Coasters or even to make this super cute toy, a DIY Spin Drum.

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6. Canvas TarpsCanvas tarps are crazy cheap as far as fabric is concerned, and they are virtually weather proof. They are so so so useful for covering up outdoor furniture when weather hits (I actually recovered the pallet daybed above in army green canvas tarp a few years later), or you can have some fun with them in home decor. I did, along with our next item…;

7. Letter Stencils Yes in this day and age, you can cut vinyl letters from your silhouette or order them online, but there’;s something very specifically retro about actually stenciling with old-fashioned hardware store letter stencils. I made this headboard using a canvas tarp and hardware store stencils. My daughter always sings a song she wrote in which the only lyrics are “;Day come true, day come true, every single day come true!”; so my husband and I put it on our bed as a headboard. 8. Sample-size PaintI don’;t need to explain this to you. Purchasing cool paint colors in small sizes is convenient when you like to make crafts. 9. Furniture LegsTurn anything flat into a a table by adding some pre-fab hardware store legs. Turn a vintage letterpress tray into a table, like we show you how to do on page 49 of Pretty Prudent Home. Jacinda found two vintage letterpress trays at (the amazing and mind blowing)Canton Flea, and turned them into nightstands for her guest room, which is where I get to stay when I am in Texas at her house. They are amazing! Look at all the cool stuff you can display inside…; 10. Hardware Store Hot DogYou know you want one, and we are here to tell you that you deserve it. nom nom nom

Oh my word……I’m completely loving this whole “boy” change-of-pace.? It causes me to think a little more because, well, creating ruffled skirts and flower accessories just pops right into my head.? The boy stuff……well, I have to play around with it a little more.? I think that’s why one of the top requested projects that I get asked to do around this blog, are BOY projects.? Because there’s a lot less out there.? So, I’ve had twice the reason to create boy things lately.? A baby boy in my belly…….and plenty of you out there with little guys of your own! :)

I’m always looking for fun and unique ideas to decorate my sewing room. ?I love using things like cookie jar, decorative baskets, bento boxes for purposes other than what they were intended. A?cookie jar full of ric rac is ?pretty yummy too don’t you agree? ?Today I have a project for you that also uses a few items in unexpected ways to decorate your sewing space. ?I hope you like these DIY Sewing Room Decor ideas and don’t kill me for suggesting that you add a vinyl decal to your quilt rulers!

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