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I have a sneak peek for you today' don't get too excited as it is just a teeny peek of the area under my foyer stairs where we closed it off to make a closet with a hidden door. It has turned out just as I planned. :-) I still am painting...

I have a sneak peek for you today' don't get too excited as it is just a teeny peek of the area under my foyer stairs where we closed it off to make a closet with a hidden door. It has turned out just as I planned. :-) I still am painting the space, but will reveal the whole room to you next week. I am going to show you what I recently put in the foyer though'a pretty in pink Valentine Flower Vase Trio.

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One reason I am excited to have my foyer 'almost' back in use is that I can create pretty seasonal vignettes again on the sideboard using decorative accessories.

I like to keep the space neutral so when the seasons change and holidays like Valentines Day come around, I have a surface to simply add a little holiday touch. Nothing crazy, but simple and pretty. ?Using white and neutral colors on the walls allows me to make seasonal color changes that pop out and become the focus in the room.?

If you have been following my blog the past year then you know that I have been sharing projects with you using Waverly Inspirations products. I am one of their brand ambassadors. Besides sharing a project with you this month, I got a second surprise from Waverly Inspirations this month. (More at the end of this post).

This month my box of creative goodies were pink and perfect for Valentine's Day.

When I receive the surprise box of Waverly Inspirations fabrics, paints and ribbon for the monthly challenge, I never get an idea right away. I have to experiment and play with the paints and fabrics to come up with a creative way to use them. For this month's challengepersonalized gifts for kids, I tested out a few ideas. I couldn't decide which one I liked best so I will show you all of the ideas I experimented with.

Since the sideboard has a long rectangle shape, I wanted to create something long for the top. I headed to Walmart where Waverly Inspirations products are sold along with a $50 Walmart gift card to find something to use.

I found this long and narrow white platter and'

3 glass drinking glasses that look like tin cans. I loved them. :-)

I also bought 9 fake pink roses in case I couldn't find real pink roses at the supermarket near me. I didn't, so I used the fake ones to make my Valentine Flower Vase Trio Tray.

I made the XOXO insert for the gold frame from a magnet I had hanging on my fridge. You can buy it here: ?XOXO Magnet? I bought the frame at HomeGoods.

I also wanted to find a way to use the pretty colors of paints that were in the box of goodies. I found two pieces of scrap wood in my garage, one is smooth and the other rough.

Here is what I made with the rough board' ?I painted a pink, purple and white plaid pattern on the board and dry brushed white paint on the sides.

I painted the smooth board pink and color-washed stripes over it.

I like each one and placed them in different areas around my house to show you. Painting the plaid and stripes was so easy when you use a 2' wide basecoating brush.

Here is how I made the vases and painted boards.

All supplies can be purchased at Walmart.

supplies needed:

Choose the hearts you want to use from the fabric and cut them out with a sharp pair of scissors. Don't cut along the shape of the heart, leave a little extra fabric. You will cut this away later.

To stiffen the fabric hearts so the cut fabric does not unravel, I created a non-sticking work surface to apply decoupage medium to the hearts. Once they are dry, they will peel right off instead of sticking.

Cut Out the Hearts and Add Eyelet

For the hearts I wanted the fabric stiff so the cut edges would not unravel, but also to make them retain their shape. For the fabric vase covers I wanted the opposite, to create a homespun feeling with fringed edges.

The gingham fabric has a nice fringed selvage. I used that to my advantage so I would only need to fringe one edge of the cover fabric.

4. Use a glue dot to attach fabric to the glass.

5. Cut an 18' long piece of double-edge ribbon and thread through the back of the heart as shown above.

6. Tie onto glass, snip ribbon ends.

The Waverly Inspirations Basecoating Brush is sold for painting larger projects, but I found it the best way to paint fast stripes on the boards I painted. The technique can be used on any flat surface including furniture.

I wanted to color-wash the boards. To do this I mixed the paints with water.

To make the pink paint, I mixed 1 part White with 1 part Fuschia. The other colors of paint I used, I mixed 1 part paint to 1 part water. You can add more or less water depending on how transparent you want the paint wash to be. I wanted to still see the wood through the color-washing.

Use an old splayed out paint brush or chip brush to dry brush sides of wood. (sorry no photo of this step). Dip the brush into the White paint and then pounce it a few times on a paper towel to remove some of the paint. Brush on the paint against the grain of the wood. Let dry.

4. To create thin stripes using the brush, apply the paint by keeping the brush vertical and pull the brush towards you as you paint the narrow white and pink stripes. Let dry.

When you color wash with paint, the paint will be very transparent and some colors may run into one another creating new colors, just as if you were using watercolors on paper.

I created the narrow stripes on the pink board by only using the tip of the brush and holding it vertically as I pulled the loaded brush back and towards me.

Painting stripes on wood is very easy to do especially when you have the right tools, in this case the basecoating brush. It made it possible.

If you are feeling the winter doldrums, a trip to Walmart to see all the Waverly Inspirations paint colors and fabric patterns may just inspire you to add some color to your home this month.

This week I get to enjoy one of the nice perks of being a blogger. Travel and helping to inspire others in person. ?Waverly Inspirations invited me to attend the Alt Summit Blogger Conference this week with them in Palm Springs, CA!!!! They are the main sponsor?of the conference.

I have never been to either and am super excited. I just checked the weather and it looks like it is going to be in the low 70's during the day. :-) ?Wait to you see all the color at the hotel I will be staying at. Pops of color against white everywhere you look: ?The Saguaro Palm Hotel. I am sure I will come home with lots of new color inspiration to share with you.

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