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The term swivel chair always conjures up the image of those uncomfortable squeaky rigid seats on wheels you’re forced to use in an office. The only time they were any fun was during the annual ‘chair race’ at the office partyand even...

The term swivel chair always conjures up the image of those uncomfortable squeaky rigid seats on wheels you’re forced to use in an office. The only time they were any fun was during the annual ‘chair race’ at the office partyand even that usually ended in tears. But, it is becoming apparent that they don’t just belong in the office, that in fact they are becoming more popular throughout homes, in all rooms of the home. As its inventor US president Thomas Jefferson said, it’s there to make life easier.

Think of practically any style of chair and it is pretty much guaranteed it will be available in a rotating version. The benefits of having a chair that can spin are clear when considering their uses in an office. You don’t have to drag your chair out, stand up, walk over to the shelf behind youpersonalized gifts for kids, return to your chair, sit down and drag your chair back in again. Instead all it takes is one quick whizz around, grab what you need and whizz back again – done.

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There uses are just as viable in modern homes, whether space is an issue and whizzing around is more practical than moving a chair in and out, or the chair is used in an open plan area and has more than the one function of staring at the television. It may be that swivel chairs are just more aesthetically pleasing with their simple lines and modern looks or even that the swinging motion is a relaxing movement.

At the breakfast bar is a great example of good use for swivel chairs/stools, where they are fixed into one position so the user just spins the seat around jumps in and spins their legs back under the bar. They are commonly constructed from hard wearing acrylic and plastic forms that have been ergonomically designed to give the user the most comfort with wide chrome bases that keep them balanced.

Many have the option to alter the height, which is great if children are using them. They are easy to wipe clean, which is always good news when food’s involved, and available in huge range of colours, and shapes that go from the traditional seat with a back rest, to the contemporary egg cup style to the plain outrageous that could be mistaken for some sort of sculpture.

Taking the idea one step along from bar stool, dining chairs are now more common in a swivel option. The Tulip shape being amongst the most well known, its fresh looking moulded fibre glass frame and upholstery seat are finished off with the single stand. It has a much cleaner and simple look than having chair legs everywhere, plus they can be added to most style of table. Create an eclectic look with a wooden table or an ultra modern feel with a matching white fibre glass table. To enhance the chrome bases of the chairs, use chrome Tension Rod and Curtain Poles to really tie in the modern look.

In the Lounge, the modern favourite Tub Chair has been given a revival with a turning motion. This chair has always been popular for its singular curve that creates both the back and the arms, but now the four legs have been replaced by one, its lines are even more simple and striking. It’s a piece that can be used as part of a collection or a standalone feature. For a sophisticated look there is the Leather Swivel recliner, possibly the ultimate in comfort. With its rich brown tone material and quality assembly it would suit any traditional interior with mahogany woods, or even as contrast to a simple modern room.

The Novelty range of swivel chairs is always a favourite. They are extremely individual and choosing one is really putting your personality across in an interior as well as adding a fun atmosphere to your surroundings. The Pod chair, with its futuristic looks, is often described as a room within a room, and is a great place to curl up in and escape everything. It is a seat where aesthetic; comfort and novelty qualities all come together in a stand out design. The semi circle pod is lined with a cushion for comfort; the pod itself can be clear or coloured depending on the look you’re creating.

I have a friend who is living in some tight quarters.? And her bathroom, as she explained, is kind of like a “closet”.? While we no longer have the same issues (thank goodness for a few cupboards)……..I totally feel her pain.? We have lived in MANY apartments with the same problem.? All there’s room for is one little toilet…….and luckily, a sink.? There have been many times we’ve had no storage space for toilet paper, towels, cleansers, nothing.? And yes, I know, it’s so FRUSTRATING!? So, this friend of mine saw one of these toilet paper holders and asked if I could duplicate it for her.? Well, why not?? Let’s fix that little problem!

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You don't have to live near the sea to adopt the coastal look for your home, but you can be inspired by it! Us Brits have a natural affinity to the sea and the beautiful vistas that frame it. This may not be the gleaming white sands and bright blue water other countries boast but that doesn't stop us dreaming of them or indeed incorporating both our own countries shores and those in warmer climates into our interior design ideas.

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