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Mahesh Babu was born as Mahesh Ghattamaneni to actor Krishna in the Ghattamaneni family. His screen debut was as a child artist at the age of four in 1979’;s. His debut as a lead actor was in 1999. His claim to fame was “Okkadu”,...

Mahesh Babu was born as Mahesh Ghattamaneni to actor Krishna in the Ghattamaneni family. His screen debut was as a child artist at the age of four in 1979’;s. His debut as a lead actor was in 1999. His claim to fame was “Okkadu”, which went on to become the biggest blockbuster of 2003. This handsome action hero has won

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He is touted as the richest celebrity in south India, second only to Rajnikanth. Despite stardom he is a well grounded celebrity and a complete family man off screen. One sees the human side of this demi god in his off screen performances because real life has no make up and no retakes. Here is our pick of the best of this good looking star.

This article will provide 10 best on and off screen pics of tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu without makeup that proves how he is natural and also handsome.

1. The Star Power:3. Mahesh The MARD:

He is not just a pretty face but also a man who is a responsible citizen of the society. Supporting the cause of “Men Against Rape and Discrimination”personalized gifts for kids, he shows the more sensitive side to his personality. Coming from a large family with sisters and a daughter here is one man that sets the right example to those who look up to him. His commitment and maturity is a very desirable trait.

4. At A Promotional Event:

Known as the brand ambassador of various iconic brands, this charming face can sell almost anything even without makeup also. His kitty is as diverse; from aerated drinks to gold jewellery he has endorsed it all. It speaks for the mass appeal that this man has.

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5. Stylish Babu:

Not only is he a smooth operator on screen, but off it also he is ever so stylish. Seen here rocking a black shirt and stone washed dark blue jeans he is surely sending the temperatures soaring. No wonder its always summer down south. This rocking style having only makeup free face.

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6. Captivating Smile:

A smile costs nothing they say, but this smile is worth a million a look even sans makeup. A disarming smile such as this exudes warmth all around it. His smile is his most powerful asset, second only to a good heart.

7. Family Man:

Mahesh is an out and out family man. May it be his father’s side or his wife’s side; he makes sure that he gives ample support when required. This side was very evident when his wife Namrata was coping with her parents’ illness and death. He has a very deep rooted value system that is evident from his illustrious background. This images was clicked mahesh with his family members that to without makeup.

8. The Arm Candy:

Namrata Shirodkar is a lucky girl to have an arm candy so delicious to flaunt. Her spouse in real life, Mahesh courted Namrata for a good 5 years before saying “I Do”. This romantic couple sets apart from the others in the industry who suffer the consequences of a public life.

9. Hearth Throb Of The Nation:

There is not one person in India who has not been mesmerized by this Adonis. His charming and youthful looks are best used to describe a prince. This snap was clocked at the public event, here he wears no make up on his skin.

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